REMAX of Santa Clarita real estate real estate update this week

90-day stats for Single Family properties in
SANTA CLARITA, CA as of September 26, 2014
Median List Price:$544,377Average List Price:$917,336
Total Inventory:135Price per Square Foot:$232
Average Home Size:2,312Median Lot Size:7,751
Average # Beds:3.86Average # Baths:2.78
Homes Absorbed:17Newly Listed:18
Days on Market:73Average Age:23

What is happening with Santa Clarita real estate this week?Santa Clarita REMAX can make your home shine

Here is the breakdown from REMAX of Santa Clarita Valley from our Independent Market Research firm.

  • Median Listing price for Santa Clarita Valley Homes:  $544,377
  • Total Santa Clarita Inventory: 135 homes for sale
  • Average Santa Clarita home size:  2312 square feet
  • Average numbers of Bedrooms:  3.86
  • Number of listings closing escrow in SCV during the past week:  17
  • Average Days on Market timeframes for SCV:  73

As you can see from the other data – Average listing price being $917,336, Price per Square  foot at $232 and having an average age of 23 years, we can start gleaning a more complete picture of the Santa Clarita real estate housing market.

When you are ready, I will tell you to get our Santa Clarita real estate and housing market reports.

Check out the local Santa Clarita real estate market reports when you have time and they will be of great service to you and yours.

Check out the market data graphs that we just posted up on our Santa Clarita Realtor Blog.

How to interrogate A real estate agents client

It's not about games or pressure. Tricks or scams. But, if the seller is around at the showing of the home for sale, why not ask them some questions.

Santa Clarita sellers

It is for this very reason we tell our multitude of real estate sellers not to be around when buyers are viewing their homes.

The way RealEstate should work, is the house should be vacated by the real estate seller. We explained this to our sellers whenever we put the property on the market, that real estate buyers are going to be interested gauging with asking them the types of questions.

The best way to take care of your Santa Clarita real estate listing, is to hire someone that understands the buyer mentality. Make sure that they get the fact buyers are looking to interrogate you as a real estate seller.


Santa Clarita real estate listing on Paragon Drive in Saugus CA

The great listing on Paragon Drive in Saugus CA – which is in one of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities in which we serve our real estate Saugus CA real estate listingsclients.

This new real estate listing that is going to be on the real estate market soon is located at 22448 Paragon Drive, Saugus CA, 91350.

Some may view this listing as being within Santa Clarita CA. They would not be wrong. The Santa Clarita Valley is the location for all real estate listings for sale in the SCV Cities.

We have been listing residential real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities, including Saugus, since our start in real estate back in 1998.


How can I find out how much my Santa Clarita home is really worth

Santa Clarita real estate consultantWhen finding out what homes are worth and getting their true estimates of value is not as hard as one might think.

It may take a potential seller or real estate buyer a bit of “careful” navigation within the online channels.

You may be familiar with the online estimates of value related to real estate. Some of them are not too bad. However, they lack one essential component in a home valuation or comparative market analysis.  A Seasoned and Knowledgeable realtor.

When you are ready to take that step, to speak with a real estate agent that will give you what your home is “really” worth in the present market while looking at the “haves and needs” within your specific neighborhood, then reach out to a local Realtor.

They will know the “buyer drive” within your block or tract of homes. They will have their fingers on the pulse of the present market and they will give you the intel you are looking for from a master salesperson’s perspective.REMAX Real Estate agent in Santa Clarita CA

While you don’t want to be sold, you want to hire someone that sells very well.

That is where the Local Realtor Expert will come into play.  You are able to get online estimates of value without having to give up who you are. But, if you do, you will be contacted by a Few Realtors paying money for your personal and private information.

Just be careful and know that when you are dealing with a local Realtor’s real estate and home valuation portal, they are not going to give away your personal and private information. Just the opposite, they are going to protect it and keep it from being seen by anyone else – that’s a bonus!

We are The Paris911 Team HQ’d in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. Paris is for a person, one of the team leaders of The Paris911 Team. The 911 is who I was for a long time, Cop, Motor Cop, and Reserve officer for the LAPD.

In the end, you want to know you are hooking your “real estate business” with one of the BEST real estate consultants you are able to find.  Contact us when you are ready.

Still working with Santa Clarita Short Sale properties

There are still real estate listings that are being placed onto the Santa Clarita real estate market that are short sales.

A Short sale is defined as a property placed onto the market for sale that is dependent on the bank holding the mortgage or note, to approve it being sold for less than what is owed.

Typically, with the Short Sales that REMAX of Santa Clarita's Parsis911 Team handle, the real etate short sale sellers are in some type of distress in their lives.

They could be victims of having lost their job(s). Maybe someone, or they themsevles, have been struck down with an illness or were involved in an accident. Not having income and being struck down with vast amount of medical bills can cause the short sale scenario to start.

Some homeowners that we have helped get their homes Sold short as Short Pays, merely had their overtime cut. Others had agreeded to an adjustable rate mortgage that matured increasing their payment to a point that was out of control.

Some of our Santa Clarita short sale sellers decided they were too far upside down to ever recover. They observed real estate listings in their own neighborhood that were selling for 200k less than what they owed, and decided to have us short sale their home. One of the partnership was able to buy again immediately at a HUGE discount over what they owed on their present home.

I suppose you could say that our REMAX short sale team in Santa Clarita CA has seen it all.

That maybe the case, but the current short sale market in Santa Clarita Cities is far from over. While the “federal” debt forgiveness was not renewed – we are still short selling real estate in California at a high rate.

Reach out to my team so we can give you intel about the cost of short selling a property reference to the 10-99 and whether or not you are going to be taxed on the difference.

We have attorney's and CPA's that advise our clients for a very nominal fee when it comes to short sales and short selling real estate.

Please let us know if a Short Sale is something you want more information about and I'll be glad to get it to you.

We have a Santa Clarita real estate and short sale team, that is Head Quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. Our Team is known as Paris911 – Paris is for a person, not that person :) – One of the team leaders of our Team, that is her name. I was the 911 for a long time working for the LAPD. So hence, Paris911…

REMAX of Santa Clarita Realtors hunt for bank owned Foreclosures and More

At REMAX of Santa Clarita Offices, you will find the Paris911 Team of Agents hard at work getting the intel for our clients related to the Foreclosures, Bank Owned properties, pre foreclosures and real estate to be auctioned in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

One of the systems we love to use that does this very thing is Foreclosure Radar. Try it for yourself, then please continue reading below to see how we implement it with our REMAX of Santa Clarita Clients home search and real estate procurement.  BTW – It also has a “seller benefit as well” – check it out below the Foreclosure Radar System:

For our REMAX of Santa Clarita Buyers, we look at the NOD properties that have not been listed for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities as Short Sales. We search for those that appear to fit our clients needs, bedroom, bathroom, size, lot, age, functionality and other desires.

Top Santa Clarita Real Estate OfficeWe look in the Santa Clarita neighborhood our RE/MAX Clients are wanting and see which properties we can door knock to speak with the “distressed” homeowner about our specific buyer. We also have other “non spammy” and “non intrusive” methods to accomplish this for our Santa Clarita real estate buyers, which we present during our Crash Course on Real Estate.

Bank Owned real estate listings that are also being tracked are free game for our Real estate buyers. That is also talked about within our Crash Course on real estate, Buyers Segment regarding home search and our Paris911 Team method.

For real estate sellers, this system works great to see what is happening in their neighborhood. Do they need to be concerned with an inordinate amount of NOD filings (notice of default)? What about the bank owned properties or those heading to auction in their neighborhood?  We track them and our sellers get the intel to assist them in making the best real estate decisions.

Thanks for reading and let my REMAX of Santa Clarita CA Team know when you are ready. Call me directly at 661.400.1720 and I’ll take great care of you and yours!


The Paris911 Team at REMAX, 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA,
. 661-284-5429
I am Connor MacIvor, both Paris and I operate a real estate team that is Head Quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. We work with the largest and most well known brand in Real Estate - REMAX. We do so for a reason and that is to keep our clients with having the best advantage possible when wanting to sell Santa Clarita real estate or to Buy Santa Clarita real estate. We have an entire Team of Buyers Agents that have been trained in the ways of "non-pressure and non-hassle". They are always looking out for the number 1. That Number 1 is our exclusive Paris911 Team clientele.