REMAX of Santa Clarita in support of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

Paris and I have been catering to the men and women of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department since our start in real estate. That was back in 1998. We are not those who took our mission lightly.

Some brag about “cousin of – sister of – wife of”… We were the real thing once upon a time. We weren’t those that “pentioned” off and then started another career. Real Estate is our Full time Gig with no supplemental income.

That admission means a lot to the rank and file that utilize our real estate services. Including the men and women of local Law Enforcement.

I am “honorably retired” from the LAPD. This is because of all of the time I spend as a full time cop, 17 years, then quitting, but remaining a reserve officer for an additional 5 years.

When it came to us working with Law Enforcement as our Primary Focus, we found that people from the “other walks of life” wanted to utilize our service too.

So hence our Brand and the way in which we advertise to the men and women of law enforcement.

Contact us when you are ready and we will be glad to be of service.

Santa Clarita LASD Realtors

Santa Clarita REMAX buying a home first steps

What buyers are looking for in a Santa Clarita realtorsWe always recommend your very first meeting to be with the Local REMAX Realtor.

During the meeting, they should be probing you for answers to typical real estate questions.

  • What type of loan were you thinking of using?

  • Who will be joining you on the home purchase?

  • Do you think a condo or townhome would suffice or do you want to only look at Single Family Homes?

  • Are schools a consideration?

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms are you going to need as a minimum?

  • What are you looking for in a home?

Then you just let the real estate buyer state what their needs are and your agent should listen intently, not interrupting, but gathering facts.

Taking copious notes, the REMAX Realtor will get to the bottom of what they want, need and those things that may not meet their mark.

It all comes down to the local REMAX expert knowing the local inventory and the homes, within their price ranges, that will be the best fit.

Many times have I sat back, after they have answered the six questions, and reflected on where would be the place, city or neighborhood that will meet their needs closest to 100%.

We are REMAX of Santa Clarita’s Paris911 Team.

When you are ready to meet with me in my office to attend our crash course on real estate – fire away.

I will be at your side during the home buying process and I’m glad to be of service!


Home Buyer Relationships and Homeownership from the Paris911 Team

The relationship status of HomeBuyers.

While we have people from all walks of life, those in a relationship and those that are not.

We have gotten a breakdown from the National Association of Realtors and it seems to hold true at our local Santa Clarita Buyer Level.

As far as the Relationship Status of Homebuyers:

  • 65 percent of the home buyers make up married couples

  • 8 percent of the home buyers make up the unmarried couples

  • 9 percent of the current homebuyers are single males

  • 16 percent of the current home buyers are single females (in our market, this may be a little more)

Enjoy the graphic and let my REMAX of Santa Clarita Team know when you are ready to move.

remax of santa clarita home ownership

REMAX of Santa Clarita Offices on Google Business Pages

I just love Google and their Google locations for business pages.

We are also proud members on Google plus, where our clients love to hang out.

Google Plus and Facebook – and there is also pinterest – and Twitter :)

As you maybe able to determine, It’s hard for me to decide which “social media” platform I love the most.

However, because Google is the place to be for our REMAX of Santa Clarita business, that would have to be my number one.

We have a daily Santa Clarita real estate radio show that we, well, do daily!

During our seven day a week format we cover such Santa Clarita Housing topics as the current inventory levels – Such as these:

  • Currently in all of the Santa Clarita Valley we have 571 real estate listings that are “active” and for sale

  • My Team has been monitoring 277 real estate listings that are currently in “backup” status (in escrow)

  • 209 homes, condos and townhomes are in the pending status of escrow

  • Santa Clarita has 1057 homes that are on the market for sale or in escrow currently as of 2/10/2015 1050hrs

Then on Monday’s we give our Monday market updates and provide our clients an intimate look at the current market numbers with regard to Santa Clarita Housing.

During these times, we speak about the news and events in the world that may provide change to the real estate market and housing cycles.

Make sure you tune in to our Santa Clarita housing and radio show.


Santa Clarita Foreclosure and Distressed Update

When it comes to searching for the “off market” Real Estate Owned and Foreclosure inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley, the best agents include this as one of the “searches” they are conducting for their real estate clients.

Basic real estate listings, those which are active on the market, are typically “always” included for the client that is interested in wanting to buy homes, condos and townhomes.

However, the “fall apart” is when that is the only type of property that is part of the home search.

The Local Foreclosure inventory for today is as follows:

Santa Clarita Foreclosures

Foreclosures and Distressed

Stevenson Ranch Foreclosures

Santa Clarita Distressed real estate

The First Step in Hunting the Distressed Property

Reach out to me so I can explain the process. I will cover the A to Z about the “distressed real estate search”

Let me know when you are ready for me to get on the stick and make this real estate thing happen for you!

Talk soon – thanks for taking the time to watch our Santa Clarita foreclosure update via real estate radio.


The updates for Santa Clarita Real Estate have been completed

real estate buyers with remaxWhen it comes to getting the best in real estate data, we never want it to be said that we don’t get ours directly from the source data.

In fact, when it comes to real estate and the housing market, our daily real estate radio shows are something of legend.

You will be able to find our real estate radio show players on all of our Paris911 Systems where we talk about the local housing market.

Tune in to see how the Friday Finale Broadcast was conducted and how the real estate price changes are effecting the local real estate market.

Positive market indications favor a balanced real estate market where we have just enough inventory where the real estate prices are not “reducing” or “increasing” much.

During our Friday’s Broadcast, we are showing that we have more price decreases than increases. Furthermore, we are seeing that these “reductions” are only list price to list price and not list price to sales price.

Our Sold Saturdays broadcast is the show you want to listen to which will give you an idea as to how the actual housing market is faring when we speak about the “Sold homes” and whether those prices were lower or higher than list.

Be safe – enjoy our REMAX systems for home search and we hope to be of service soon. My phone number is in the header of this website. Feel Free to reach out to me as soon as you are ready.