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How do you write a less than asking price offer on a Home that is for sale?

BEST Home Estimates of ValueIf you are living in the Greater Los Angeles areas, or within the Santa Clarita Valley cities, where we are headquartered, you have probably run into some of our “online” real estate help and assistance postings.

We strive to write articles and complete “simple yet informative” videos that help the neophyte and expert alike.

We have been approached by a “educational resource site” that wants us to produce “help videos” regarding real estate.

Apparently, we are doing something right by not “leaning heavy” on the self promotion within our blog postings and news articles. As Joe Friday said, “Just the Facts Ma’am…”

From my LAPD background, that’s how I like to get my information when I have hired someone to perform a service for me. I don’t like to be lead around the proverbial oak tree or around the bushes.

Here is a video that we did recently that talks about writing a less than asking price offer on a home that is for sale, and that you want.

There is a method to our madness and the “main method” is letting the seller know that we aren’t crazy and to get our buyers offer presented in the best “light” possible.

No one wants to take less than they are asking. If they could get what they wanted, they would be totally happy.

However, in the ways and dealings within the real estate channels, this is not always the case. When a buyer wants to write a less than asking price offer on a home, they need to back it up with “facts” and make sure their “intentions” match.

Comparables, recently sold properties that are like the home they are writing the offer on, this is extremely helpful to a real estate seller looking over an offer. It maybe that their agent did not convey to them the “truth” about what their home was worth. BTW, If you want to get the “truth” about what your Santa Clarita or Greater LA home is worth

Bridgeport Values and home estimates of worth

When it come to pricing real estate at the current price that it’d sell, is only best left to the local Experts.

We have devised a system that does not pull it’s value from any third party real estate website, but from the actual Multiple Listing Service.

This system is available via the Local Multiple Listing service and local realtors.

What will happen is your will be given the “blank” value of your Bridgeport Home in Valencia CA.

It will take my team approximately 24 hours to give you a detailed report. This report will be a “blank” minus any upgrades, renovations and add-ons.


Valencia CA homes are our Forte at the Paris911 Team with REMAX of Valencia California. Let us know when you are ready to move and we will take great care of you. Be safe and search well.

How much should I sell my Valencia home for

Not a loaded question in the least. In fact, most of the world considers having a computer tell them the answer to the question of “How much should I sell my Valencia California home for…”

How do you find your right priceWe see this because after we have met with a prospective Valencia CA home seller and tell them what their home is worth, it goes one of two ways.

Either the online estimate of value for their Valencia CA home was way too high. In some cases I have seen it being $150,000.00 too high.

And in some cases the online estimate of value for their Valencia residence was way too low. In some cases I have seen this “low amount” being $200,000.00 too low.

The best way in which to have your Valencia Home’s Value rendered is to hire someone that has a proven track record of listing and selling real estate in Valencia CA. The last thing you want to do is rely on a computer program to tell you what something as “dynamic” as real estate is worth.

Plus, the online estimates of value for Valencia CA residential real estate are primarily used for lead generation purposes, by the companies that built them.

Agents will pay a lot for your personal information and to find out that you may be contemplating selling a Valencia Home. That is why some of those computer programs estimating the value of real estate were developed in the first place.

When you are ready and when you want to get the answer to the question of “What is my Valencia CA home worth…” Head over to our Valencia Values real estate website.

That is the portal you will use, unless you want to call me on the phone :), to get me on the case of searching for your home’s specific value from the actual Sold Real Estate data.

We call it a Comparable Market Analysis or CMA and we do them several times a day for new Real estate clients at REMAX of Santa Clarita.

Be safe – Search well and let my Paris911 Team of Realtors know when you are ready for our assistance with your Valencia CA real estate.

First time buyer tips and strategies – Lender Pre approval versus pre qualification

We get asked this often by our real estate buyers and sellers. From the sellers, they want to know the difference because those submitting offers, with their lenders “approval” letter, differ vastly.

Borrowing money, what you need to knowFrom the real estate buyers, because their lender maybe speaking too fast and not answering enough questions.

But the breakdown of the pre approval versus pre qualification is this.

Pre Qualification, in Slang could be called a Pre Qual letter. These are typically given with only a preliminary research done on the applicant. The Applicant is the one applying for the home loan. There could be more than one applicant.

The more reputable lenders may give an estimate over the phone, after hearing the applicants financials. However, to get anything in writing, even a pre qualification letter, that requires more documentation to be provided by the person applying for the loan.

The more established lenders may take a few days, after receiving the Tax returns, the paycheck stubs, any court judgement paperwork and all other associated required paperwork, in order to get a pre qualification letter produced.

With pre approval, they have already completed the process, verifying all information obtained from the applicant and this puts the buyer or refinancer in a much stronger position with the lender.

There is a third type of approval. This is known as full Underwriter Approval. They have taken all of the borrowers paperwork to the underwriter aka, the bean counter,(no offence intended), and they have looked over the file, verifying all components, and have Blessed the loan.  This is the strongest position to be in as a real estate buyer or a person seeking to refinance.

Reach out to us when you are ready and feel free to get on our YouTube First Time Buyers playlist that will give you other First time or savvy real estate buyer tips when it comes to real estate dealings.

Searching for Santa Clarita and Greater Los Angeles real estate


Top Real Estate search for homesDuring the past several years, we have been wanting to keep our real estate searches up to date.

With all of the mess online when others search real estate with other search systems, it’s a wonder more people are not staying away from those Real Estate syndication websites.

The reason is that those systems sell a “real estate searcher’s” personal and private information to agents.  Sometimes, a lot of real estate agents receive your personal information in the form of leads.

The thing that some agents don’t realize, is that those leads are not exclusively theirs. They go to several different real estate agents. Imagine this, you are calling a prospective lead, to help them, only to get hung up on because 7 other realtors just called.

Imagine, as a consumer getting 8 phone calls from real estate agents wanting to “help you” with your real estate inquiry.

Enjoy the search – click on the green disks to see more real estate intel. Make sure you explore the “areas” tab if you are one of those that want to search for real estate by boundaries and neighborhoods.

If you have been wanting to search for Santa Clarita or Greater Los Angeles real estate by school boundaries.


First time home buyer real estate survey says, communication is key

You probably already know this, when it comes to hiring a real estate agent, communication is something everyone wants.

real estate communication is key

According to real estate buyers, first time or not and real estate sellers, first time or not, it takes more than a set it and forget it system of property intel or search data.

It's takes more than the buyers agent sending real estate listings of the homes that come onto the market that fit their clients criteria.

The Real Estate client of today, the First time buyers, want to have the agent they select to represent them, to give more than a “robotic” response.

They want to know their agent is doing their job. Keeping their eyes peeled for the new real estate that will fit their clients housing needs.

If we are speaking of real estate sellers, the same holds true. The real estate sellers of the world don't want their agent to go dark, if their home is not selling. They want their agent to give them updates.

Some Realtor's say they will contact their clients when there is something to update them about. If they need to convey information or let them know some “necessary” intel, that is the time they will reach out, but at no other time. Some of my collegues also let me know they don't answer the phone, most times. They want their clients or the real estate interested to leave messages.

That is the “old way”. Today, the real estate client wants to hear from their realtor even if there is no information to be relayed. They want to hear that everything is going fine or not. They want their realtor to give them the news, not matter how bad or good.

Both Paris and I had a horrible real estate dealing before we entered the Real Estate representation business. Our agent went totally dark after he got paid. Today, I know why he did this. He did not want to have to explain why he knew certain things and failed to tell Paris and I, about the home we bought.

I mean, it's hard to face up to dealings when it involves a bad code of conduct in the real estate representation scenario.

However, it was fixed, but it was not without mine and Paris' fair share of pain.

Be safe everyone. Make sure you tell your realtor that you want to be kept in the loop. Let them know that, even if there is nothing that is in the “loop” to keep you updated about. It's appreciated by more buyers and sellers of real estate than most agents think.

We are The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita and look forward to serving you when you are ready. Reach out or visit our main real estate website at


Prices are continuing to rise in the Southland related to Real Estate

For more pricing resources go to

We also have inventory monitors and graphical representations placed on our pages for the Santa Clarita Cities.

Have a listen to our shows we will talk soon. Today was our REO update for Wednesday.

Not very many REO listings – under 20, currently for sale in the entire Santa Clarita Valley.

This is down over 60% from just two years ago. The most interesting thing is people are still saying there is “shadow inventory” coming and on it's way.

So not true and we will give you the best intel possible. Have a Look at our Santa Clarita Foreclosures Blog.


The Santa Clarita real estate daily has been completed and it is not more of the same

Hot homes for Sale in Santa Clarita Valley CAReal Estate is a dynamic venture. The market is constantly changing, sometimes a little and sometimes, like in 2007, a lot.

The small and subtle changes can cause big ripples in the future, that is why the decisions we make today should be made with care.

During our daily drive, yesterday – we observed that we have more changes occurring to the local Santa Clarita real estate markets.

We found that our Days on Market are still decreasing for the second week in a row, which is great news for the local SCV Home Sellers.

Is that “trend” possible to be kept going forever?  Negative ghost rider, it is a temporary trend because if it continues we will be out of inventory and real estate will shut down.

One of the things that we do to assist our real estate sellers is informing them as to the current state of the market.

It maybe a Sellers Market undergoing a shift into a Buyers Real Estate market, as we have presently. The Santa Clarita home sellers strategy should be built around the specific market to be at the best advantage for the sellers.

Why should you use a Valencia CA Realtor when buying or selling real estate

tempo tract in Valencia CAFrom a buyer’s angle, they are going to be the best equipped to handle the “most important” items that are going to be involved in your purchase.  Those items are also known as your “assets”.

When it comes to hiring a realtor to sell a Valencia CA home, they should have their fingers on the pulse of the local Santa Clarita Cities markets.

They should also be able to give you the actual data points, what to improve, what to change and what to keep the same, as far as it relates to what buyers in the present market are looking for.

Have a look around on the WWW, ask your friends, family and work associates. You should also reach out to an “independent” real estate team as well.

Thanks for checking out the REMAX of Valencia CA Paris911 Team of Realtors.  We will look forward to you connecting with us soon.

Santa Clarita and Valencia CA Foreclosure and Bank Owned Real Estate

There are a lot of scams online and you need to be careful when wanting to search, locate and hunt for Foreclosure and Santa Clarita Bank Owned real estate.

We have built several systems to allow our Santa Clarita Foreclosure Clients to do just that.  Search for the Off Market and Bank owned real estate that happens not to be on the “for sale” market as of yet.

Santa Clarita pre foreclosures

We do this by our membership to various foreclosure and distresses property websites. We have joined these systems so our clients don’t have to risk having their personal and private information sold or traded to any third party.

The first button on this page will bring you the latest in the Pre Foreclosure real estate in the city of Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita bank owned real estate

This will give you the bank owned real estate that is currently within the City of Santa Clarita CA.

Within this page, you will be able to search for other zip codes and cities as well. Southern California is our reach.

The final Button will give you the upcoming properties and real estate to be auctioned in the City of Santa Clarita CA.

santa clarita real estate to be auctioned

When you click on this link – you will then see the Santa Clarita homes, condos and townhomes that are going to auction within the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

If you think you are ready to start a serious Foreclosure and Bank Owned real estate search, set up an appointment with me and my staff in our REMAX of Santa Clarita CA offices, and we will be your advisors.

The Paris911 Team at REMAX, 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA,
. 661-284-5429
I am Connor MacIvor, both Paris and I operate a real estate team that is Head Quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. We work with the largest and most well known brand in Real Estate - REMAX. We do so for a reason and that is to keep our clients with having the best advantage possible when wanting to sell Santa Clarita real estate or to Buy Santa Clarita real estate. We have an entire Team of Buyers Agents that have been trained in the ways of "non-pressure and non-hassle". They are always looking out for the number 1. That Number 1 is our exclusive Paris911 Team clientele.