REMAX of Santa Clarita Realtors hunt for bank owned Foreclosures and More

At REMAX of Santa Clarita Offices, you will find the Paris911 Team of Agents hard at work getting the intel for our clients related to the Foreclosures, Bank Owned properties, pre foreclosures and real estate to be auctioned in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

One of the systems we love to use that does this very thing is Foreclosure Radar. Try it for yourself, then please continue reading below to see how we implement it with our REMAX of Santa Clarita Clients home search and real estate procurement.  BTW – It also has a “seller benefit as well” – check it out below the Foreclosure Radar System:

For our REMAX of Santa Clarita Buyers, we look at the NOD properties that have not been listed for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities as Short Sales. We search for those that appear to fit our clients needs, bedroom, bathroom, size, lot, age, functionality and other desires.

Top Santa Clarita Real Estate OfficeWe look in the Santa Clarita neighborhood our RE/MAX Clients are wanting and see which properties we can door knock to speak with the “distressed” homeowner about our specific buyer. We also have other “non spammy” and “non intrusive” methods to accomplish this for our Santa Clarita real estate buyers, which we present during our Crash Course on Real Estate.

Bank Owned real estate listings that are also being tracked are free game for our Real estate buyers. That is also talked about within our Crash Course on real estate, Buyers Segment regarding home search and our Paris911 Team method.

For real estate sellers, this system works great to see what is happening in their neighborhood. Do they need to be concerned with an inordinate amount of NOD filings (notice of default)? What about the bank owned properties or those heading to auction in their neighborhood?  We track them and our sellers get the intel to assist them in making the best real estate decisions.

Thanks for reading and let my REMAX of Santa Clarita CA Team know when you are ready. Call me directly at 661.400.1720 and I’ll take great care of you and yours!


Santa Clarita Buyer Video Series – Getting the BEST Deals on Homes

Santa Clarita real estate buyer experts on videoWe have started work on our Video Series that we give to our Santa Clarita and Vicinity Real Estate buyers that keep them safe and on top of the action of buying real estate.

The access point is going to be by anyone reaching out to us to view real estate, ask questions, and inquire about the home buying process.

You can also gain access for FREE as do our Real Estate buyers when they ask or contact our team.

This not a video system that is sent to your email address.

Some of our Santa Clarita real estate buyers wish to continue anonymity until they decide they are going to buy a home, condo or town-home.

Access is via the links below.  Each Video is accessible from the pages below.  We have 15 real estate videos, each under 3 minutes, that get any real estate buyer to the point of having their offer submitted on the home they want to purchase, by our real estate team at REMAX.

We will have another 15 taking the buyer through counter – countering process to and through escrow to closing on the home they are buying.

Here are the first five that have been posted on our Santa Clarita real estate website, via our macBoX:

  1. Who is the Paris911 Team and advantages of hiring them to help buy real estate?
  2. Types of Lenders and how do loans work?
  3. Why knowing the difference between pre qualification and pre approval are necessary?
  4. How you can get the best “deal” possible on your home loan or refinance!
  5. Using the Lenders Good Faith Estimate (GFE) to your best advantage.

These are only the first five of the 15 we have currently produced. We should have the rest of the series polished off, and uploaded to our Main SCV real estate websites, next week.

We appreciate you trusting our Brand of REMAX and our Team of Paris911. Be safe – search well and reach out to my team directly when you are ready to buy a home or sell one.

How do you buy Santa Clarita real estate

A very simple question, yet it’s composed of many parts, at least to answer correctly. Local Experts in Santa Clarita Areas know the market

How do I buy Santa Clarita real estate?

1. Make sure you are working with a real estate agent that lives and sells homes in the Santa Clarita Valley.

2. Find out if your agent is versed in selling, as well as representing buyers in the Santa Clarita Areas. – This is important because those who do both are going to be better versed as to the Intricacies in best representing you.

3. Ensure your real estate agent knows the “right” vendors in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

  • a. the right mortgage lenders
  • b. the best in the escrow capacity
  • c. title insurance experts
  • d. pest control representatives
  • e. certified home inspectors

4. When it comes to buying a home, make sure the agent you are choosing brings you into their offices, sits you down and develops a game plan with you and yours.

This Real Estate game plan should include several parts.

Discuss the types of real estate lenders that are within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

Find out which maybe more beneficial to work with and why.

Questions to ask real estate lenders should be covered so you get the very best deal when it comes to obtaining a real estate loan.

Tip:  When you are buying a home you don’t pay the Realtor you hired to represent you. Your Chosen Realtor gets paid by the real estate seller, even if that seller is represented by their own agent. In fact, having your own Realtor is how we like it and how our clients feel better protected in the real estate procurement process.

REMAX in Santa Clarita CA presents the local Housing Market Updates

Santa Clarita real estate remax radio show

Santa Clarita Radio Show NOW!

Santa Clarita California. It’s more of an area than a city. While it’s still known as a city, there are no listings assigned within the local Boards of Realtors.

There are “individual” city choices.

When a Top Producing RE/MAX of Santa Clarita Realtor enters a “newly listed” for sale property into the MLS within the Santa Clarita Valley, these are their choices:

  • Stevenson Ranch
  • Valencia
  • Saugus
  • Castaic
  • Canyon Country
  • Acton
  • Val Verde

You see that there is no representation for “Santa Clarita”. It’s not even a choice when we enter in the property information.

Lately some of the “data systems” we use are breaking away from calling Saugus one of the local Cities. We see they are not using Santa Clarita instead of Saugus.

This all means one thing. If you are searching the websites for real estate listings, the most accurate renditions of properties that are currently for sale, are going to be found on a local real estate agents website, that is publishing real estate listings directly, from the Local Multiple Listing Service.

There was an article that Inman News Put up this AM reference to the words and phrases involving “Abortion Pill” being inserted into listings that were found on some of the Real Estate Syndication Websites.

This is a very disconcerting because many people use those websites to search for real estate listings and to find real estate agents.

Those people are finding these websites on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  The real estate syndication websites engage in pay per click campaigns and have real estate agents provide them with millions pages of content for organic traffic.  Agents also pay them handsomely for the leads they generate.

And a spammer was able to break in to add this little phrase about “abortion pills”?

I hope that was not where the violation occurred. I would hope it did not come about as a “break” in the Real Estate syndication websites security, that would be bad.

Have a Great Day and don’t forget to reach out to the Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita for more information and to schedule our Crash Course on real estate that has been built for real estate buyers and real estate sellers.

REMAX of Santa Clarita presents the Los Angeles County Housing Report

Interview REMAX of Santa Clarita Realtors to represent youWhen wanting to know what is “really” happening within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities, you need to get the information from a “bigger picture”.

At REMAX of Santa Clarita, both Paris and I look at the data from all over the United States, and in two of the largest counties within Southern California. Both Los Angeles County and Orange County.

Our latest real estate update show and Radio Program (click to play).

When it comes to buying or selling real estate, having this “bigger picture” view of the real estate happenings on a larger scale will pay off big.

Make sure your REMAX or “other realtor” has the grasp on the local real estate markets before you select them to represent you in buying or selling residential real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley areas.

Be safe – Search well and thanks for reading the information from the Santa Clarita REMAX Realtors.

Santa Clarita REMAX Buyer and Seller Orientation Meetings for Real Estate

At the REMAX of Santa Clarita CA Paris911 Team, we truly pride ourselves on getting our real estate clients up to speed concerning the real estate market, local happenings, and the things they need to watch out for.

Any client that has attended our crash course on real estate will benefit, no matter their “level of prowess”.

They maybe a Stone Cold Real Estate investor, they could also be a novice real estate buyer, maybe they have never sold a home before, it matters not.

When we first sit down in our REMAX of Santa Clarita CA offices, we get from the client what they want to do.

Are they interested in buying real estate?  What about selling a home, condo or a town-home? It could be they are interested in the investment side of real estate?

Before the end of the session, we have our real estate clients up to speed better than most Full Time Realtors that are servicing a real estate clients needs.

I know, we see the others in our networking meeting and they typically have no ideas as to the best strategies to use when buyers need some “creative” options concerning buying or selling real estate.  They ask the group and only a few have excellent ideas.

Be safe – thanks for reading and let The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA know when you are ready to MOVE and we will be there for you.

Please check out our Daily Santa Clarita real estate radio show for more information. You can find our latest episode at Thanks for reading and watching our “buyers briefing” video on youtube.

The Paris911 Team at REMAX, 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA,
. 661-284-5429
I am Connor MacIvor, both Paris and I operate a real estate team that is Head Quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. We work with the largest and most well known brand in Real Estate - REMAX. We do so for a reason and that is to keep our clients with having the best advantage possible when wanting to sell Santa Clarita real estate or to Buy Santa Clarita real estate. We have an entire Team of Buyers Agents that have been trained in the ways of "non-pressure and non-hassle". They are always looking out for the number 1. That Number 1 is our exclusive Paris911 Team clientele.