We get asked how much my Santa Clarita home is worth a lot

Here is the best way in which we can give you the latest intel. Directly from the source data, speaking about what your Santa Clarita home is worth in today’s market.

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How much is my Valencia or Santa Clarita Valley home worth

Helping homeowners price their real estate in the best wayMy REMAX of Santa Clarita Paris911 team of Realtors really know how to “dial down” the homes with regard to their values.

We have placed several items on this page for your reference.

While Valencia contains two zip codes, 91355 and 91354, we have access to the actual sold data, and those listings you will be in competition with.

This gives our Valencia CA and Santa Clarita home selling clients an edge when it comes to getting the most accurate values on the homes they are wanting my REMAX Team to Sell.

Below you will find a couple of different links.

Each one is for a specific Valencia CA Zip Code.

Find out what your Valencia CA home is worth in zip code 91355

See what your Valencia CA home is worth in zip code 91354

If you home is not in Valencia – See what your Santa Clarita Valley home is worth now

When it comes to pricing residential real estate, make sure you are working with the best team in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

We are able to get returns on our real estate listings that make our sellers in Valencia CA happy.

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I’ll look forward to speaking with you soon, when you are ready to sell, buy or want any real estate information just to have.


How much is my Santa Clarita home worth

Expert Property Valuations for Santa Clarita real estate by REMAX of Santa Clarita.

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One of those questions that may be loaded in nature.

How  much is my home worth

This is because everyone is trying to re-sell your personal and private information.

I'm Referring to those real estate websites that tell you what your home is worth or what your home is estimated to be worth using a computer program or computer Algorithm.

You can find them everywhere online.

You may have been searching for property values. Then while you are searching for something completely different, you are going to see a banner ad on the site and e tempted to click on it.

It is shortly thereafter, when the website will hit you up for who you are and your contact information.

There is another, a better, system for real estate valuation. This is our system. I have to be arrogant, because I know how this is not a system where a computer program crunches “man made” numbers.

Numbers that could have been placed “on purpose” in order to influence a buying or selling decision. That “on purpose” statement eludes to the numbers being made up.

No one wants to deal with someone that is “making stuff up”.

We are locals, we are experts in the valuation of Santa Clarita real estate.

When you are ready, contact me directly, I'm with REMAX of Santa Clarita and operate a top producing real estate team.

We are always ready to help you and look forward to being contacted by you when you are ready.

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Santa Clarita real estate and housing market update October 18, 2014

Stevenson Ranch Price Reduction for 25629 Wordsworth LN, Stevenson Ranch 91381

I’m reporting a wonderful price reduction for a Stevenson Ranch real estate listing.

25629 Wordsworth LN, Stevenson Ranch 91381 just was given a 10k price reduction from $519,000 to $509,000.

We are excited to show you the intel and let you see how the local real estate market is coming into better alignment.

If you have been hunting for the Luxury Santa Clarita Real Estate Market, we have that!!!

View the Tour

What if my Santa Clarita Listing Expired and did not sell

We do what is called “working” the expired listings.

Expired home resource

Meaning, when homes are being sold, and when they do not sell within the time allotted within contract, they expire.

Top Producing real estate agents work on the expired real estate listings.

However, where we disagree is with the methods used to procure them.

There have been data gathering websites that scrub various online systems and capture phone numbers.

Therefore, when your phone starts ringing at the moment your home falls off the Multiple Listing Service, having expired, you wonder where the “pushy agent(s)” obtained your phone number.

They paid for it, or if your agent had your phone number in the MLS for agents to call in order to set up a showing appointment, they obtained it that way.

One of the things that would have been nice of your agent to do is remove your phone number a few days before it expired and had any potential future showings set up through themselves personally.

I suppose another nice thing your agent could have done is had gotten your home sold :(

All the precautions can be taken, but you will probably still get called by 12 or so real estate agents, but not my Team!

We have a different approach to assisting real estate sellers when their home listing expires.

Santa Clarita Valley Expired Listing Resource

By clicking on the above link, you will be taken to a website I built that gives information related to the potential reasons why a home did not sell and thereby expires.

Those real estate sellers that had agents unable to sell their homes are also able to reach out to me, personally, so I may come over and evaluate why their home did not sell.

I then get the home listed a second time and complete the sale for my seller.

Reach out to me when you are ready. If your home expired – that is painful, I get that.

Let me show you how I can make it better! BTW, I'm Connor MacIvor, Google Me to see!


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I am Connor MacIvor, both Paris and I operate a real estate team that is Head Quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. We work with the largest and most well known brand in Real Estate - REMAX. We do so for a reason and that is to keep our clients with having the best advantage possible when wanting to sell Santa Clarita real estate or to Buy Santa Clarita real estate. We have an entire Team of Buyers Agents that have been trained in the ways of "non-pressure and non-hassle". They are always looking out for the number 1. That Number 1 is our exclusive Paris911 Team clientele.