5 Traits of Top Real Estate Listing Agents

We could have titled this article, “the 5 Traits of Top REMAX of Santa Clarita listing agents”, and would have hit on theHow to hire the best real estate agents same bullet points.

However, I thought about it and consider these five traits applying to the top real estate listing agent, not just in Santa Clarita Valley, but elsewhere in the United States.

1. Tenacious

I’m not talking about high pressure or spamming someone to death, won’t take no for an answer, type of tenacious. I’m talking about seeing something through until the job has been completed. I also am speaking about keeping in touch with those real estate clients that have had their transaction finished so they know you are available for them in the future.

2. Resolve

If a problem presents itself, they tackle it head on. Unless flanking it proves to be a better strategy. However, they don’t give up. You hire them to sell your home and they do it and don’t stop trying until it’s done!

3. Willpower

This tenet is a muscle. if someone does not exercise their will power, it gets weak and becomes lethargic. However, when a real estate agent engages in self sacrifice for the sake of a client, and keeps doing that, it becomes a habit and, as a result, makes clients happy.

4. Transparent

A very over used term describing the best of real estate agents. While it may be overused, it does hit the nail on the head as one of the 5 tenets of a top real estate listing agent. They need to be real, themselves and not one of those smoke and mirror types. They need to be upfront on all levels with their clients and the others that are involved in every transaction.

5. Honor

Something you would expect of a true gentleman. They are not going to take advantage of any situation, even if that situation may cause them to benefit, if it harms their principal. They will never leave out some “material fact” because they think it may thwart the deal. They will answer straight and will tell you they will have to find out, ” the answer to the question “, if they don’t know.

When a real estate agent implements items they will see that their business will flourish. There are enough of the real estate agents in the world that have some, but not all, to cause those that do – stand apart from the crowd.

Thanks for taking the time to read the 5 tenets of the BEST real estate listing agents.

Be safe – and let my real estate team at REMAX of Santa Clarita know when you are ready for us to step up and represent you with your real estate.

REMAX of SCV equals RE/MAX of Santa Clarita Valley

REMAXIt’s not by accident that RE/MAX is the top real estate company in the world!

We hitched our trailers to the RE/MAX Brand back before 2000.

After we became Realtors, serving our client’s buying and selling needs, we worked at a few different companies.

We worked for the discount brokerages that would take a listing at a super low commission. However, that business model was not able to compete with the likes of a Full Service Brokerage.

When it came to advertising, marketing and the sheer education derived from a Top Realtor Franchise, the discount brokerage could not compete at any level.

We observed this as our sellers listings were not selling as fast as those held by the local mainline brokerages. We also noticed that our showings and leads were less than average.

At that time, we looked at the local REMAX Franchise – the one we are a part of today and observed their “bottom producing” realtors were producing more than our Discount Brokers Top Producers!

Paris and I moved onto another “well known” real estate brokerage. However, it seemed that there was no one sailing that ship.

There was no guidance and no offering of “betterment” for our businesses sake and the sake of our real estate clients.

We then visited REMAX – What a difference.

The offices alone were awe inspiring.

We knew after we walked in through the double doors at the REMAX of Santa Clarita Office located at 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, that we had been wasting our time before.

We are proud to have worked at other real estate companies in the past. We are glad we have something to compare REMAX with and proud to Serve under their all encompassing Red, White and Blue Balloon!

REMAX of Santa Clarita Foreclosure Search Engines

There are a lot of buyers and sellers in the world that want to know more about Foreclosures and Distressed real estate in and around the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

We have built a resource for that accessable by our macboX resource.

You will see in the margin of this REMAX of Santa Clarita website – the MacBoX!

This is our REMAX of Santa Clarita CA redirector. It will give you the information we speak about. Putting the search words at your finger tips.

Santa Clarita bank owned inventoryExample: I am speaking about Foreclosures and Distressed Real Estate.

If you want to see our Foreclosure Pages – all you have to do is type the word: Foreclosures  -Into the MacBoX.

It will then redirect you to a page we built to assist our RE/MAX of Santa Clarita CA buyers and RE/MAX Sellers with finding the latest Foreclosures, pre foreclosures, bank owned, short sales and other types of distressed real estate listings.

You will see that we have published the “on market” reo’s and foreclosures, plus the short sales.  You will further discover you can also search for the off market reo, bank owned, auctions and pre foreclosure listings.

You can search that “off market” real estate inventory by city name or zip code.

It is our pleasure and please let my REMAX of Santa Clarita Team know when you are ready to move.

Be safe – Search Well.

How we search for homes and real estate for our special clientele

First – everyone that we conduct real estate representation for is special.Santa Clarita relocation team

And I don’t mean the “demeaning” way of inferring “special”.

They came to us to have a task completed for them and they deserve the Top Santa Clarita Resources and Team to do so!

When we start the real estate search for our REMAX of Santa Clarita Clients we ask some of the following preliminary questions.

  • Have you bought a home before?

  • What cities are you interested in?

  • What are the minimum numbers of bedrooms you desire?

  • Did you happen to have a minimum square footage in mind?

  • What about Condos or Townhomes, besides Single Family Homes?

  • Who will be living in the home with you?

  • Where do you foresee yourself and those you are bringing along with you spending most of their time in the home? Specifically – living room, family room, kitchen etc?

From these simple questions my REMAX of Santa Clarita team is able deduce a lot about a person and their situation.

One of the follow up questions has to do with school aged children and the comfort zone as it relates to prices and price range.

After we gather the necessary information, we want to know what way our clients wish to have as their primary contact method.

We have noticed that a lot of those that are working directly with us are exceptionally “tech savvy”. They know their way around the World Wide Web and are not afraid to text me with updates and questions.

Some of our real estate clients want the phone call for advising when we find properties that suit their needs and to set up showings.

And others, want us to send them the new real estate listings via email.

All in all, it does not matter for me. I love speaking to our real estate clients on the phone, via email and on text.

Bottom line – We serve real estate to our real estate clients as they want it served. Some want it HOT – some cold and some just right :)

The REMAX of Santa Clarita real estate offices on Google Plus Local Business Pages

Santa Clarita RealtorsWe have a Google Local real estate verified office location for our REMAX of Santa Clarita CA Offices and it’s worth mentioning.

The reason is because this comes as a big benefit to our real estate sellers and buyers that are working with our team.

How it works:

Real Estate searching on Google will give you a lot of results. One of the things that the real estate syndication websites cannot compete with are the “Local Real Estate Companies”.

It is because they are not local. They are lead generation systems. You enter your real email into their system for more information, to search or to simply ask a question, you will have your email inbox fill up faster than you could imagine.

Those systems have been built to give you real estate eye candy. In some cases we even see that their listings are not accurate and some are still being shown as being active on the market for sale when they have been sold.

Being on Top of the REMAX of Santa Clarita Search:

When those who are searching for local real estate listings and the local Top Producing Realtors, they find us in the local verified businesses on Google.

BTW – you cannot pay for placement.  No one can. You have to have Google’s Blessing for your inclusion.

We are the Paris911 Team and our next step is to introduce them to our real estate listings. Those homes, condos and townhomes we are selling for our personal real estate sellers.

If they are those wanting to sell, we then introduce them to our active real estate buyers and make those connections.

Party to Party – it works and has Been A Blessing for our RE/MAX of Santa Clarita Realtor Team.

First time buyers now have access to REMAX of Santa Clarita Experts

Well, Well, Well, not just a deep subject, but confirmation that REMAX of Santa Clarita loves working with first time real estate buyers for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and surrounding communities.

The first step:  Meeting in our offices to plan a home buying strategy.

This is a very complete step by our RE/MAX Team. We cover the various areas, the home prices therein, the ways in which to finance real estate and questions to ask lenders to keep them from bending your wallet out of proportion.

During our first few years in real estate – we were learning and faced many issues when it came to dealing with other more “savvy” realtors.

It seemed that some were in the business 100% for themselves and could care less about their clients and their clients well being.

Try being the “golden realtor” and wanting to keep a client safe from harm when dealing with this type of predatory real estate agent.

Santa Clarita first time buyersWhile they are few and far between, once you find one, you know it, sometimes more later than sooner :( .

We had our start in 1998 and can really say that we did not get fully developed, “realtor wings”, assigned until about 2002.

Now, we have seen “almost” everything. Either as a direct result of our dealings or from what other Realtors offer within our Top Producing networking groups. If any one Realtor says they have seen it all, they are lying to you.

However, those of us that are dealing with hundreds of real estate transactions per year, have seen our fair share of scenarios when assisting our real estate clients – first time or otherwise.

The way to get what you need is to reach out to our REMAX of Santa Clarita Realtor Team. You will find us on Google Plus, Facebook and within other social media networks.

Or you can just “google” one of our team leaders to see what “pops” up about us. Try googling Connor MacIvor and or Paris MacIvor, you will be glad you did!