888-toll-free-red-phone-dot-com-scvnestWe always wanted to be accessible when it comes to one of the most important decisions of a person’s life. This entered the picture when we started in the real estate representation business back in 1998.

Local real estate agents serving the relocation needs of anyone needing to move. Relocation is not when you are going from one state to another state. Even if you are renting in the same city you want to buy a home within, that is relocation.

Rentals and Leases

While we do not handle rentals or leases, directly, we do know the best local resources for you to utilize. We also opened up SCVrents.com where you are able to search for the local Rentals and Leases which are based in the Multiple Listing Service.

When you find some you want to see – call or email me at 888-SCVnest and I will then give you the intel for the leasing agents and property management companies. So you are able to call directly.

If you are a homeowner who wants to rent out their Santa Clarita Valley home, Greater Los Angeles Home or home located anywhere else – 888SCVnest.com will help you with finding the right property management agent or company which will supplement your investing efforts.

Real Estate Resale

If you are considering buying a home, 888SCVnest is the way to find your best real estate representative. HQ’d in the Santa Clarita Valley, you will be dealing directly with yours truly, Connor T. MacIvor. If you are looking for real estate representation outside of my comfort zone, I will take great care to introduce you to one of our qualified real estate referral agents. They ascribe by the same code which I do and are accountable to you 100%.

New Home Representation

When we have real estate buyers wanting to approach the new home centers, we circle the wagons to ensure they are represented by qualified New Home Realtors.

Each New Home agent we refer to those contacting 888SCVnest at REMAX is licensed and on the new home buyer’s side 100%. These agents are not the representatives of the home builder or new home seller. Their only purpose is to be on the real estate home buyer’s side and to advise them with the best possible advice and to protect their interests.

When local in the Santa Clarita Valley, looking at new homes, You will be dealing directly with me, Connor T. MacIvor at 888SCVnest.com – However, when outside of our local New Home Area, I will be glad to introduce you to the best real estate representative who packs the gear to serve your New Home real estate needs.

BTW – if you want to search for the new homes go to NewSantaClaritahomes.com and check out all of the new home builder tracts and new housing communities in the Santa Clarita Valley, other southern California cities and all over the rest of the country. Call me at 888SCVnest when you are ready for my guidance, consultation and help.

Selling homes and real estate

We at 888SCVnest have been hard at work introducing real estate buyers to our home sellers. We have also seen an uptick in web traffic when it comes to sellers wanting to know what their homes are worth at today’s fair market value.

When wanting the “so called” comps – comparable real estate listings, don’t rely on the online systems which are going to sell your personal information to agents who are willing to pay for it. Only rely on those systems which are going to give you the actual home value without having to worry about being spammed. In addition, to rely on a real estate syndication website to give you something as important as what your own real estate is worth, is going to be a waste of time for you.

We have a system in place here at 888SCVnest which will give you the value of your home and real estate.

When you are ready – reach out to me directly at 888-SCVnest and I’ll make sure you are well taken care of when it comes to all of your real estate needs.