How to locate the latest REMAX of Santa Clarita homes for sale

Santa Clarita real estateWe have just published an article on the Best Santa Clarita real estate website, according to our clients, on This article has to do with the best ways to search for homes and real estate as observed by Paris and me when we were taken full advantage of when buying our first home.

REMAX of Valencia is where we decided to hang our license and are proud to be of great service to you. Are you may be wondering where the agent worked for who took her and me? It was not REMAX, I assure you!

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One of the most often heard pain points from our clients who have utilized other’s in real estate is they did not know what was going on. They were not kept in the loop and were not given a better understanding of the process.

That is not acceptable and agents should be taking the time to educate their clients.

We serve our REMAX of Valencia Clients by having them attend our “custom” crash course on Santa Clarita real estate.

From time to time we represent clients with the new home builders in the Santa Clarita Valley. I have built a system to help our clients search for new homes and housing where their personal information won’t get sold or traded. In another word, compromised.

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Make sure you take the time to listen to our latest Santa Clarita real estate broadcast. You will be glad you did. Be safe – talk soon. Connor MacIvor, REMAX Realtors.

REMAX of Santa Clarita News the Sellers Market Continues

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During the time in which we have been serving our Santa Clarita real estate clients, that has been since 1998, we have seen some interesting real estate markets.

This one happens to take the cake because of the lacking real estate inventory. Looking back at my history working in the real estate field, and before they started keeping records, it seems that the inventory was never this constricted.

In fact, we had seen markets where buyers were in charge of all real estate dealings, where real estate listings were plentiful and where buyers were able to buy homes and real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley at a discount. Today, we have the polar opposite of that type of real estate market.

The differing trends today are those in which the home sellers are holding all of the cards Where the home sellers are responding to multiple offers with multiple counters. Where the home sellers are able to boldly state they are not going to repair anything discovered by the buyer/home inspector nor will they be giving credit.

The latest 7 homes in Westridge of Valencia which have entered escrow.

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The buyer can either accept the seller’s terms having placed their abrupt line in the sand or walk. The seller understanding that they will get a higher offer if escrow is cancelled and if they re-enter the Santa Clarita real estate market.

Get yourselves a great housing guide for Santa Clarita real estate. Reach out to us so we can be of great assistance.