Verbal Santa Clarita real estate blog episode 2016127

520 units of real estate inventory spread across the Santa Clarita Valley cities that does one thing for real estate buyers sellers it creates pressure on both ends. 

Interesting thing happened to me on the way to the office the other day, stopping by gas station, I was recognized as a local real estate agent. But I think about it was it was in a very positive way. 

They wanted to ask about the real estate market and where I think prices are headed in the coming months. 

I explained to them the prices are going to be leveling out if we are to get more
Real estate inventory. 

Fortunately for sellers and unfortunately for buyers I do not see a lot of real estate in the door hitting the market in the next several months. 

Typically every spring, right before school lets off at the beginning of summer, we have a bunch of homes at the market for sale.

 It is the case, at least this year, we don’t see that much of the door hitting the market at least at the present time. But we are not in the summer, as it were. 

This is the verbal real estate update. I am Connor with honor.

 And this entire article was transcribed by the software in my iPhone. 

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How to be the boss of your real estate lender

When it comes to real estate and the way things operate it is best to hire an expert. 

Good day everyone my name is Connor with Honor, and I am glad to be of service. 

I am a Remax real estate agent headquartered here in the Santa Clarita Valley serving greater Los Angeles cities and the rest of Southern California. 

Today is our truth in lending Thursdays real estate radio show. Having said that on Thursdays, which happens to be the day at this particular Broadcast, we do speak about the issues that matter. We talk about lending and lenders being truthful and honest. 

We also talk about the best ways to get the best loan, the best interest rate, with the best terms. You may be surprised to find out it’s not always about what a lender is charging you versus the type of service a lender can provide. 

One of the things we do tell our Santa Clarita and greater Los Angeles real estate clients quite often is cost and value are two different things. 

On today’s real estate Radio show we did talk about the types of lenders in the world. What are the best types to use? And how do you find those particular lenders? 

We have a lot of great resources online for you to do this. You can also contact me directly here at our rematch blog to get the best lender that you can possibly find. 

One of the things we also spoke about is how there maybe at that age using a mortgage broker over a credit union or mainline bank. 

Enjoy the real estate radio show we do this daily. 

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