If you are coming from Los Angeles areas to the South of Los Angeles California, we have several options on the best ways to get to REMAX of Santa Clarita located at 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita California 91381.

REMAX of Santa Clarita map 1 – overview

If you are wanting directions to Remax of Santa Clarita and are coming from the Los Angeles areas, you will want to get yourself from the 101 freeway, 210 freeway, 170 and or 405 freeway to the 5 freeway. 

REMAX of Santa Clarita map 2 – The approach

Coming from the San Fernando Valley you may also take the 170 freeway until it merges with the 5 freeway then continue North to REMAX of Santa Clarita via the Calgrove Blvd. Exit.

Whether on the 170 or the 405 you are going to want to head Northbound to merge with the 5 freeway. Take that freeway and stay on it. The first exit in the Santa Clarita Valley, when headed to remax, will be Calgrove Blvd, which happens to be the closest exit to Los Angeles in the Santa Clarita Valley.

You will turn left at the end of the Calgrove Blvd. offramp. You will then head under the 5 freeway and you will want to turn right at the very next Tri-Light Signal onto The Old Road. At this time, you will be driving parallel with the 5 freeway, to the west of it. Then passing a Tri-light signal which is Sagecrest. You will continue on The Old Road, until you pass Sit and Sleep, located on your left. Continue North and look to your left for a large REMAX building.

REMAX of Santa Clarita Map 3 – final arrival

Once you get next to REMAX of Santa Clarita offices, enter the two way left turn lane when it’s safe. Then set up for a left turn into the driveway to the North of our REMAX Offices.

The option to park will be up the ramp to the first floor of the building. The parking garage will be on the first level, but the elevator is code enabled so your access to the elevator is not possible. Therefore, park on the main parking level which is into the driveway and up the ramp.

Once inside of the REMAX of Santa Clarita CA offices, ask for Connor MacIvor. In fact, if you want to meet with me to discuss Santa Clarita real estate and how best I may serve your real estate needs, call me at 661-400-1720 before you embark on your journey to our REMAX offices.

Please enjoy our Directions to REMAX of Santa Clarita page on our REMAX of Santa Clarita website. Let me know if I may serve you more sooner than later. Please pass this information along to those whom you know who will be needing our services with Santa Clarita real estate representation.