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Open houses in Southern California

Here are some things you should know before embarking on an open house viewing venture.

If you want to use your very own realtor. One that will be on your side 100%. A Realtor that has no relationship with the home seller concerning the home you like…  Then make sure you don’t give up who you are and don’t tie up with them.

OpenHousesREMAXscvnestLet your real estate agent know that you are going to go out and view open houses.

In this way they can prepare you as we prepare our clients.

You maybe one of those real estate buyers or sellers that don’t have a Realtor yet and you came upon our REMAX of Santa Clarita CA Website wanting information about the home buying or selling processes.

The same applies to buying new homes and real estate. If you want your very own representative, then you want to be weary about giving up who you are.

It’s nice to have someone on your side during a real estate transaction that has no “interest” in the real estate seller, as in a signed and executed listing contract 🙂

Same goes for new homes and new construction sites – The agent at the home builder’s site is employed by the home builder. It’s nice to have someone on your side to do all of the negotiation for you and who knows what questions are the “right questions”.

You will see our Santa Clarita – Valencia and Southern California Open house resources.

A couple of questions to ask, if the agent is requesting mandatory registration, ask them what your personal and private information is being used for.

If they are “registering” you to cut you out of having the right to have your very own real estate representative fighting for you, then you need to think twice.

Enjoy our resources – Be safe and Let me know, Connor MacIvor, when you are going to be ready for my real estate consultation and representation service.

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