How much is my home or any other worth at today’s value?


When it comes to obtaining what a home is worth for any of our clients or for anyone else, we do more than the typical “running estimate” you will find online.

I suppose this comes from the time we have been in the real estate business, our start was 1998.

What is your home worthDuring our tenure in the real estate business, we have had many a real estate seller inquire in the same way with the same question.

“What is my home worth and what is it worth at today’s value?”

That is a two part question, but should also include other variables. Such as supply and demand, buyer drive and functional obsolescence.

We approach every single property valuation we conduct for our real estate clients in the same manner.

First and Foremost, we have to consider that we are going to be the ones selling the specific home, condo or town-home that is inquired about.

During our Valuation Process, we then deduce the best ways in which to advertise and market the real estate listing that will give our sellers the most exposure.

That is one of the reasons why we work so hard at the publicizing of real estate online. Beside the local networking groups that we are within, we are also dug in deeper than Alabama Ticks within the Social Media Sphere.

When you are ready – to find out what your home is worth at today’s real estate market value, reach out to us and I’ll take great care of you.

Click at the link at the beginning of this post to get started or the one below this text. I’m Connor with the SCVnest Team at REMAX of California.

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