REMAX Santa Clarita National Housing Report October of 2016

October REMAX of Santa Clarita updateHere is the latest REMAX of Santa Clarita National Housing Report for October 2016.

We keep our local REMAX of Santa Clarita real estate website updated often and it has every single real estate listing which is published within the Multiple Listing Service.

For the real estate updates, we are seeing the same trends in the Santa Clarita Valley cities, which were spoken about within most of the other states/cities which have similar economic trends, on a local level.

During the past several months, the Santa Clarita has been plagued by lacking inventory of homes for sale, which is keeping our home sellers happy. However, it’s creating it’s fair share of distress amongst the Santa Clarita Home Buyers.

The way we operate, Connor, Paris and Team, is simple. We make sure our clients have the best intel provided to them throughout the real estate buying and selling process. When we have a Santa Clarita real estate home buyer reach out, we start that home buyer’s experience by giving them the state of the market and explaining how to buy Santa Clarita real estate.

The process is somewhat different for a Santa Clarita home seller. When they reach out to Paris or I, we start that process with the state of the market, then talking about the way we obtain for our real estate sellers, the most(most seller net gain) for the least(home buyer requests – repairs – credits), within the current real estate market. How we couple advertising and marketing with exposure tantamount for each and every Santa Clarita real estate listing.

We also are proud of the fact we do not sugar coat any part of the real estate process and will give our potential real estate sellers what the true fair market value is on their home, without being concerned with having another realtor coming in and “out bidding” us at a unrealistic sales price pritch to the home seller.

We backup our establishment of fair market value for a Santa Clarita home with factual real estate data combined with our real estate experience which has been gleaned from the trenches since 1998.

Be safe – enjoy our REMAX of Santa Clarita CA National Housing Report for October of 2016.

Please reach out to me when you are ready and I’ll take you all the way from Start to Sold 🙂 I’m Connor with HONOR and I’m glad to be your Realtor with a totally transparent real estate profile.


REMAX phone number and REMAX Relocation toll free 888-SCVnest

scvnest-toll-free-remax-sign888-SCVnest – of course it’s a vanity number and one of the best for those around the country to remember when wanting or needing to relocate to and from the Santa Clarita Valley in California.

Although the “new” trend is to never to speak with a human being on the phone, only to communicate via text and email. We have seen a “older” trend breaking away from those “new” traditions when it comes to people wanting to discuss their move or relocation needs.

So hence the “follow me” phone number for REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of Valencia Relocation. You can pick up the phone and call 888-SCVnest, 888SCVnest or  (888)SCVnest to contact REMAX Relocation Headquartered in the Santa Clarita Valley California.

During business hours – 0700-2200hrs, (I work a lot), you are able to communicate with me with a simple phone call to our REMAX Relocation toll free phone number.

With all of the other contact points, we are available for you to answer your relocation questions and to be of great service to you and yours. While some have abandoned the system which allows for verbal communication, we at REMAX Relocation in Santa Clarita Valley California embrace it.

Remember or know we have systems in place for you when it comes to Southern California real estate search and to find out what your Santa Clarita or Greater Los Angeles real estate is currently worth. These are those things that both buyers and sellers are looking for online, which get them into trouble from a “spam” standpoint.

Make sure you are utilizing a local REMAX Relocation service provider. Make sure you are connecting with those who are able to handle your relocation completely with providing all of the services to you that you will need for your move. Also, remember SCVnest and our REMAX relocation services. I’ll be here for you when it comes to your relocation needs – be safe and be well.

Santa Clarita Valley Cities

Santa Clarita real estate search

When considering buying and or selling in the Santa Clarita Valley, you will need to find out what Cities compose the Santa Clarita Valley – They are the following:

Newhall real estate

Stevenson Ranch real estate

Valencia real estate

Canyon Country real estate

Saugus real estate

Castaic real estate

Acton real estate

Agua Dulce real estate

Click on any one of the Santa Clarita valley cities above to get the real estate listings which are currently on the market for sale.

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REMAX of Santa Clarita housing report for May 2026

The real estate market has been quite interesting with very little new inventory added to the current Santa Clarita real estate market.

We see that real estate buyers are having to “deal with” the “planning to sell” home sellers not selling at the present time.

That makes buyers in the real estate market wanting to move faster than usual.


We have been representing a lot of Santa Clarita real estate buyers lately. And Boat Loads since 1998 when we first started representing real estate buyers and sellers.

This is one of the constrictive real estate markets that I have seen since 1998. This has been a true detriment to real estate buyers in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

However, in the near future, this should be changing for the better.

Today, a real estate seller is able to mandate a premium when we sell their Santa Clarita Valley Home.

However, the best advice I can give you is that of making sure you are not being told bad intel. Make sure the agent you are interviewing in the Santa Clarita Valley is not trying to “sell you” by giving you shiny rocks.

Look at the intel they are relaying to see if they really are the local Santa Clarita real estate expert.

Enjoy our real estate radio show at Housing Radio and tune in for our “almost daily” real estate broadcasts. We speak about the Santa Clarita Valley real estate, foreclosures, bank owned real estate, distressed, give real estate and home buyer tips, plus have a seller’s intel checklist to best protect you Santa Clarita real estate sellers.

Real estate referral systems for agents

Our real estate audio transcription below is by me speaking into my iPad to having the article written by oral dictation.

One of the things that you have to do in the real estate industry is you have to be able to tell when you’re being lied to.

 If your a real estate agent you learn this lesson early. As a good real estate agent you also learn it’s not right to lie to your own clients. 

When we talk about getting leads. When we talk about obtaining business. There are a lot of systems online that an agent can pay for. 

Some of these online systems can generate leads and referrals for the real estate agent. 

While we have been with REMAX of Santa Clarita since 2000, we haven’t seen the need to join any of these online systems. But because of our reputation and exposure we have referral agencies asking us to join. 

In some cases referral organizations want the real estate agent to swear loyalty to the vendors they require the agents to use. 

That goes along with the issue created if the vendor is bad, the realtor knows it, then the realtor needs to advise the client. 

As you know with  business, not all businesses are great. Not all sales people are great. 

The same comes in with all doctors not being great. All attorneys have not been great. All police officers not being trustworthy etc. 

What the agents have to realize is that getting a referral is great, but throwing their client under the bus is not. 

Verbal Santa Clarita real estate blog episode 2016127

520 units of real estate inventory spread across the Santa Clarita Valley cities that does one thing for real estate buyers sellers it creates pressure on both ends. 

Interesting thing happened to me on the way to the office the other day, stopping by gas station, I was recognized as a local real estate agent. But I think about it was it was in a very positive way. 

They wanted to ask about the real estate market and where I think prices are headed in the coming months. 

I explained to them the prices are going to be leveling out if we are to get more
Real estate inventory. 

Fortunately for sellers and unfortunately for buyers I do not see a lot of real estate in the door hitting the market in the next several months. 

Typically every spring, right before school lets off at the beginning of summer, we have a bunch of homes at the market for sale.

 It is the case, at least this year, we don’t see that much of the door hitting the market at least at the present time. But we are not in the summer, as it were. 

This is the verbal real estate update. I am Connor with honor.

 And this entire article was transcribed by the software in my iPhone. 

Have a fantastic day please check out our other resources, online, a crossed multiple channels. 

I would love to help you when you’re ready to be helped with Real Estate I am Connor with honor at REMAX of Santa Clarita.

The REMAX of Santa Clarita Housing Update 2016124

remax real estate santa claritaSo goes the Santa Clarita real estate market. We are moving too fast for some buyers. The market is also very constrictive, which I’m applying to the lacking real estate inventory. We are hopeful that The Santa Clarita Valley will start the building of real estate listings during the next several weeks.

Go to our SCVnest website to watch the additions of real estate listings

We hope that building of listings is not from a slower home buyer drive, but because real estate sellers are listings more homes per week.

Currently we have about 120 listings per week added to the real estate inventory across all of the Santa Clarita Cities.

This additional inventory is, at the present time, being “absorbed” by the current buyer drive in the local cities. That is leaving us around a flat 500-525 real estate listings “active” in the Multiple Listing Service from week to week.

“Absorption rate” is a real estate industry term. That applies to the current market we are experiencing in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

If you take the current market, the numbers of qualified buyers and then look at the numbers of homes listed for sale, you will be able to deduce the current absorption rate in the current market.

Absorption rate then will apply to time. Example, at the current Absorption rate, we have approximately 3-3.5 months of real estate inventory. If no other homes were listed for sale, and we continued to sell real estate at today’s pace, there would only be 3-3.5 months of real estate inventory.

We are The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita. We do a daily real estate radio show we host at “Housing”. Enjoy our real estate resources and tune into our daily Real Estate radio show for more detailed information about the local Santa Clarita real estate market.

I’ll be here when you are ready. I’m Connor with REMAX of Santa Clarita – Valencia and I’m Glad to be of service.

How to be the boss of your real estate lender

When it comes to real estate and the way things operate it is best to hire an expert. 

Good day everyone my name is Connor with Honor, and I am glad to be of service. 

I am a Remax real estate agent headquartered here in the Santa Clarita Valley serving greater Los Angeles cities and the rest of Southern California. 

Today is our truth in lending Thursdays real estate radio show. Having said that on Thursdays, which happens to be the day at this particular Broadcast, we do speak about the issues that matter. We talk about lending and lenders being truthful and honest. 

We also talk about the best ways to get the best loan, the best interest rate, with the best terms. You may be surprised to find out it’s not always about what a lender is charging you versus the type of service a lender can provide. 

One of the things we do tell our Santa Clarita and greater Los Angeles real estate clients quite often is cost and value are two different things. 

On today’s real estate Radio show we did talk about the types of lenders in the world. What are the best types to use? And how do you find those particular lenders? 

We have a lot of great resources online for you to do this. You can also contact me directly here at our rematch blog to get the best lender that you can possibly find. 

One of the things we also spoke about is how there maybe at that age using a mortgage broker over a credit union or mainline bank. 

Enjoy the real estate radio show we do this daily. 

You can find us online at housing If you happen to be surfing the World Wide Web looking for us on Twitter we are at http:/// you can also find us online within Facebook, at

Questions to ask before Firing your real estate lender

Santa Clarita and Southern California real estate agents at remaxI hope you enjoy today’s real estate radio show and please make sure you are not hanging yourself out to dry when it comes to firing your real estate lender.

There are better times to do this within the real estate buying cycle – at the time that loan documents are about to be issued, that is probably a bad time.

However, at the end of the day you are doing the hiring and are able to do the firing.

The best advice I am able to give you as a real estate consumer is make sure you are not causing yourself issues in the timing of the firing.

I get it, you are referred to someone, or you find someone and they are not your “cup of tea”. Even worse, you catch them in a lie and are wanting to move along.

Those issues come up from time to time and we have given great intel in today’s real estate broadcast for you to hear.

Please remember, we have systems in place to serve your real estate needs. You are able to search the actual Multiple Listing Service for real estate and homes.

We have also posted up intel reference to what your home is worth in the Santa Clarita Valley and within the other Southern California Cities.

Make sure you are not too trusting of those online estimates of value and if you are going to inquire on any system that is not our “what is your home worth” pages – don’t give up who you are in any way, shape or form.

You will BE SPAMMED by those systems. I’m Connor MacIvor, I’m a Local Real Estate agent and I’m Proud to be of service with all of your real estate needs.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and have a listen to our Housing Radio Show for Santa Clarita and the rest of Southern California.