Our real estate audio transcription below is by me speaking into my iPad to having the article written by oral dictation.

One of the things that you have to do in the real estate industry is you have to be able to tell when you’re being lied to.

 If your a real estate agent you learn this lesson early. As a good real estate agent you also learn it’s not right to lie to your own clients. 

When we talk about getting leads. When we talk about obtaining business. There are a lot of systems online that an agent can pay for. 

Some of these online systems can generate leads and referrals for the real estate agent. 

While we have been with REMAX of Santa Clarita since 2000, we haven’t seen the need to join any of these online systems. But because of our reputation and exposure we have referral agencies asking us to join. 

In some cases referral organizations want the real estate agent to swear loyalty to the vendors they require the agents to use. 

That goes along with the issue created if the vendor is bad, the realtor knows it, then the realtor needs to advise the client. 

As you know with  business, not all businesses are great. Not all sales people are great. 

The same comes in with all doctors not being great. All attorneys have not been great. All police officers not being trustworthy etc. 

What the agents have to realize is that getting a referral is great, but throwing their client under the bus is not.